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Puppet Arts ConsultingPuppets Get Ultimate Attention

Need to rethink a challenge in your industry? Introduce a puppet to the conversation and magic happens! Our team has assisted organizations developing projects by adding characters to shift their marketing paradigm.

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Media Property and Brand ManagementMascots & Talking Props

Who’s your spokesperson? We identify opportunities within your brand and develop character icons that captivate new customers. We build upon your imagination.

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Festival & Event ManagementDeveloping Destination Events

With a focus on building community through the arts, work with our award winning team to develop innovative events in your city that bring distinction to your cultural calendar.

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Live Action Creature EffectsFrom Concept to Production

Need to turn that idea into a talking chair or a giant elephant? Our Design and Fabrication department is comprised of international professionals building puppets for Broadway, Television and Film.

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Touring Theatrical ProductionsShadows & Giants… Live!

Bring our innovative shadow shows and giant puppet productions to your museum, festival or theatre for a unique live experience.

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Puppet TrainingProfessional Performance Development

From shadow puppets to hand puppets, enhance your skills by training with our master puppeteers.

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